Learn to Program in the Julia Language

Julia is a new computer programming language that is especially useful for economists due to its incredible speed in function evaluations.

My tutorial, based on a class I taught to graduate students in economics at the University of Chicago, is available online here:


Note: Julia has been updated recently and some of my tutorials use out-of-date syntax.

Make TeX Tables in the R Language

The tabular environment in LaTeX is the standard for publication-quality tables in economics. These tables are difficult and time-consuming to construct by hand.

Thibaut Lamadon and I wrote a software package in the R language that allows one to easily construct attractive, publication-quality TeX tables. The latest version of our package, called textables, is available to install here:


Note: This is a work in progress and will continue to be updated and improved.

Perform Event Studies in the R Language

There are a number of challenging issues involved in event studies that are overlooked by the standard differences-in-differences regression estimator. These include correcting for anticipation, correcting for deviations from parallel trends, and selecting cohorts of later treatment groups to serve as control groups for earlier treatment groups.

David Novgorodsky and I wrote a software package in R that can adjust for all of these issues and produce event study estimates in one line of code. The package, called eventStudy, as well as a detailed guide explaining all of the issues accounted for in the package, is available here:


Note: This is a work in progress and will continue to be updated and improved.