textables is an R package for automatically producing highly-customized LaTeX tables.

Simply install using devtools::install_github("setzler/textables"), then:

  • TR() creates a LaTeX table row,
  • %:% concatenates rows horizontally,
  • + stacks rows vertically, and,
  • TS() exports the table into LaTeX and compiled PDF files.

All of the tables in these papers were made using textables:

  • “Imperfect Competition, Compensating Differentials and Rent Sharing in the U.S. Labor Market,” by Lamadon, Mogstad, and Setzler.
  • “The Effects of Foreign Multinationals on Workers and Firms in the United States,” by Setzler and Tintelnot.
  • “Imperfect Competition and Rents in Labor and Product Markets: The Case of the Construction Industry,” by Kroft, Luo, Mogstad, and Setzler.
  • “How Much Should we Trust Estimates of Firm Effects and Worker Sorting?” by Bonhomme, Holzheu, Lamadon, Manresa, Mogstad, and Setzler.
Bradley Setzler
Bradley Setzler
Assistant Professor of Economics