Bradley Setzler

Bradley Setzler

Assistant Professor of Economics

Pennsylvania State University & NBER

The Strumpf Early Career Assistant Professor of Economics, Pennsylvania State University.

Faculty Research Fellow in Labor Studies, NBER.

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  • Primary: Labor Economics
  • Secondary: Industrial Organization, International Trade

Topics of Interest:

  1. Employer market power over workers (see 2, 3, 4, 5, 7).
  2. How trade affects workers (see 2, 6, 8).
  3. How workers recover from job loss (see 1, 6, 8).


How Much Should we Trust Estimates of Firm Effects and Worker Sorting?

Journal of Labor Economics, 2023. (Lead article.)

Disability Benefits, Consumption Insurance, and Household Labor Supply

American Economic Review, 2019.

Working Papers

Imperfect Competition and Rents in Labor and Product Markets: The Case of the Construction Industry

Revision requested by American Economic Review in February 2023. Resubmitted in July 2023.
My presentations: NBER SI-Labor, MIT, NBER IO, UBC, LSE, Stanford-SITE, Cornell, Maryland, Columbia Business School, Federal Reserve, Carnegie Mellon/Pittsburgh, UChicago, Penn State, CESifo, UToronto/Bank of Canada, Texas A&M

In Progress

Trade (Mal)adjustment

In preparation for the Handbook of Labor Economics. Title subject to change.

Mergers, Collusion, and Labor Market Power: Theory and Evidence from the United States

Coming soon.

The Children of the China Shock

Coming soon. Title subject to change.


Public Lectures


Software Packages

  • textab: construct and compile highly-customized LaTeX tables in R
  • DiD for Big Data: fast and big-data-friendly diff-in-diffs in R

Events I Organize

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